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Abwehr - Forward the bayonet

CD 2014

La lista de los tracks:
  1. The One who leads the way
  2. Slain but unbowed
  3. Edelweiss
  4. Forward the bayonet
  5. In Die Schlacht (Absurd Cover)

Style: Black Metal

Additional Information:
New face of Krywian Undeground presents fast, unstoppable Black Metal in the vein of legendary Marduk and Absurd! Well-aranged and deeply rooted in traditional Black Metal, Abwehr combines melody and ferocity in truly best way possible. Demo CD comes with 4 own tracks and one Absurd cover with lyrics translated into Krywian, don't miss it out!

 (P) 2.014 AEON of HORUS Productions

El precio (Belarús): €5
El precio (para el resto del planeta): €7

Abwehr - Forward the bayonet